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Where to go for a walk


The wander routs are marked with a square of 10 by 10cm cut in half by a diagonal line which divides it into two triangles of which the lower one may have a different color(blue, red, green ect.) and the upper one is always white. Each path begins at the Ustron Market, but id doesn’t mean that you have to start your journey there.

"The Kamieńczyk Falls" - the highest fall in the Karkonosze Mountains, 846m. above sea level, with 3 cascades, made by a stream flowing out of the slope of Hala Szrenicka. 27m. height, falling into The Kamieńczyk Ravine, which has 100m. lenght and its stony, vertical face in some places have about 20-30m. height. One of the interesting places is artificially made cave, named „Gold Cave”, which is in the central cascade of the falls and you can find inside the clusters of amethysts. In both summer and winter seasion you can reach to the special appointed place by horse-drawn cart, the rest part of the way you have to go on foot. Near the falls there is a „Kamieńczyk” chalet and „Sielanka” shelter, in which all the guests will find something for themselfes.

"Szklarka Falls"  - is placed near the route from Jelenia Góra to Szklarska Poręba.
It is placed 520m above sea level, on the area of Karkonowski National Park, in the central part of Szklarka Ravine, is second of the highest falls in Polish Karkonosze- its height is over 13m. Close the „Szkalarka” is a „Kochanówka” chalet, in which the tourist can buy the souvenires and take a photo with a St.Bernard’s dog.
The way leading to the falls is adapted to the handicapped people.

"Death Turn" - is place 755m. above sea level, on the route Szklarska Poręba-Świeradów Zdrój, it is almost U-turn and it owes its name to the careless drivers. From the rocky slopes of the Czarna Góra there is a wonderful view of Karkonosze, which is worth seeing.

 "Śnieżne Kotły" - are between Łabski Szczyt (1471m. above sea level) and Wielki Szyszak (1509 m. above sea level) and they are made by Wileki and Mały Kocioł.
They have 200m-depth and are make up strict reserve of Karkonosze National Park.
Over them there are viewing routes and relay station, which earlier was a chalet.
In the valley of Mały and Duży Kocioł there are 3 lakes and chalet. The route which leads there is closed in winter because of the safety requirements (steep precipicesare- frequent reason of the avalanches). There is also something for fans of climbing- if you earlier agree
it and be given an allowance from Karkonoski National Park- the precipicesares of Śnieżne Kotły can be a new challenge for you.

 "Hala Szrenicka" - Is on the height of 1150-1300m. above sea level, it is a great viewing point and a perfect place for skiers and snowboarders. You can reach there by chairlift (two-seater’s chairs) on the top where is a private chalet „Na Szrenicy” and meteorological observatory. From it there are many trails which lead to earlier mensioned Śnieżne Kotły.

"Łabski Szczyt" - Is on the height of 1471m. above sea level and is one of the most characteristic peaks in Karkonosze. Throught the peak leads the boarder between Poland and Czech Republic. There is well-known for all the tourists chalet with the similar name „Pod Łabskim Szczytem” and  a cable railway.