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Szklarska Poręba Monuments

Hauptmann’s Brothers House

Built in the end of XIX century, now there is a Karkonoskie Museum. The exhibition dedicated to the writers.
Gerhart Hauptmann (1862-1946) – German writer and dramatist, the Nobel’s Award laureate.
Carl Hauptmann (1858-1921) - German writer and dramatist, he translated the W.Reymont novel „Chłopi” into German

11th October’s Street 23
PL-58580 Szklarska Poręba


The Wlastimil Hofman’s House
Wlastimil Hofman (1881-1970) – the painter with Czech descent, the J.Malczewski’s apprentice.He produced in the period between 1947and1970.

Matejki Street 23
PL-58580 Szklarska Poręba

Jan Sztaudynger’s House
J.I. Sztaudynger (1904-1970)- satirist, poet. He produced in his house in 1946-1950.

1 Maja Street 55
PL-58580 Szklarska Poręba

Corpus Christi’s Church
Built in 1884-1886 in neoromantic style, there are paintings of W.Hofman inside.

Wyszyńskiego Street 2
PL-58580 Szklarska Poręba

Immaculate Heart of Virgin Mary’s Church
Built in in the period between 1855 and 1886. Inside of the church is decorated by a baroque pulpit, antique chandeliers and W.Hofman’s paintings.

Piastowska Street
PL-58580 Szklarska Poręba

St. Łukasz Mill
Former water mill on the Kamieńczyk River, stony and wooden, with divided, multi-storey-solid. Decorated with mischievous sculpture, converted in 1870 to the guest house.

1 Maja Street 16
PL-58580 Szklarska Poręba

Crystalglassworks „Julia”
Heiress of many predessors, Crystalglassworkses, which while their „travelling” were marking out the way of the city’s developtment. The building of the works was built in 1841 by local granite. Unfortunately nowadays the works is not available for the tourists.

Szosa Czeska Street
PL-58580 Szklarska Poręba

 Old student’s Houses
Wooden and stony-wooden, with stromal construction from XIXcentury. You can find it in White Valley, Marysina and Szklarka. The eldest of the cottages is this on the 11th October’s Street 24, which is from 1740 year.